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Can I place an order online?

Inspired Gardener is a very small entity and is not set up for mail order.  This site was designed with the primary intention of providing information on seasonal inventories for customers who may wish to visit.  If you are not local to the area and you find information here of value, that's great too.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

What determines the cost of a plant?

The cost of any plant is most directly influenced by how difficult it is to propagate.  Plants that grow easily from cuttings or from seed are apt to be less expensive than


plants that are difficult to root and/or do not readily grow from seed.  If a plant is uncommon, it does not follow that the plant will be expensive to purchase.  A plant that is new to the market, but not well known, and relatively easy to grow, will not usually command a high price at the nursery.  By contrast, a newly introduced plant that has been touted in magazines as the next must have for the garden will likely be more expensive due to demand, regardless of how easy or how difficult it may be to propagate.  Another factor in the cost of a plant is how quickly it grows.  A plant that takes longer to reach a given size is going to cost more than a similarly sized species that grows rapidly.  This is due to the months, perhaps even years of extra labor involved in bringing the slow growing plant to market.  Additionally, the cost of oil plays a role in plant prices.  Growers rely on fuel to run machinery and to heat greenhouses.  Plastic pots are petroleum based.


Can you accommodate special orders?

Yes.  Depending on the time of season and sizes and quantities involved, it is almost always possible to acquire plant material that is not on hand.  Grower inventories change throughout the season, so a plant that is not available in the spring may be available in the fall and vice versa.  If you have the luxury of knowing what you want ahead of time, especially if it involves many items, it is best to place an order in the fall for spring delivery. 

Do you guarantee your plants?

Information is the best defense against plant loss.  It is important to know your garden and to understand the cultural requirements of the plants you purchase in order to insure that their needs are compatible with the unique qualities of your landscape.  Extra attention is a must for new transplants.  Check them regularly for signs of stress and provide ample water during periods of hot, dry weather.  Plants are guaranteed to be true to name and in good health at the time of sale.  Inspired Gardener will guarantee all plants for a period of sixty days subsequent to the date of purchase.  Plants, other than perennials, installed by this company will be guaranteed for a period of one year subsequent to the date of installation.

Do you deliver?

Large item/large order delivery is free to Westmoreland, Walpole, Alstead, Spofford, Chesterfield, and Keene. For delivery outside these towns, charges will be assessed at one dollar per mile, one way, payable upon delivery.   For orders over five hundred dollars, delivery charges will be waived for drop-offs within a thirty mile radius.

Do you offer gift certicates?

Gift certificates are available for the gardener, the new homeowner, or anyone who might enjoy a little something to brighten up the landscape.   Gift certificates may be purchased at the shop or by telephone (603-399-4354) with a credit card.


65 Wentworth Road

Westmoreland, NH 03467



Nursery hours:

Open daily 8:00-5:00

Late April - October

"Everything that slows us down and forces patience, everything that sets us back into the slow circles of nature, is a help. Gardening is an instrument of grace."

      May Sarton

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